Friday, July 11, 2008


I found a site that looks very promising. If you love to voice out your opinion and get people to respond to you then take a tour in Platinum Lounge.

Its under Beta testing and will officially launch in August.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Earn EVERYTIME you Surf

PTC are very popular-just view advertisement and earn cents, but while you wait for 30 seconds there's another way to earn extra cents. Its like hitting 2 birds with one stone.

Earn $9.6 a month without referrals

*Each site have different rates monthly roughly its around 1cent=1hour

1cent x 8 hours = 8cent / bar

8cent x 4 bars = 32cents/day

32cents x 30days = $9.6

Its not that popular because its in French, but actually all you need are the following terms to get started, then you can earn points which are converted to EUROs - which has a higher value than $$dollar$$

French term Translation

Inscription - Register

pseudo - username

mot de passe - password

retapez mot de passe - confirm/repeat password

Nom - Surname

Prenom - First name

If theres a box-tick it (Terms of Service)

If you see code, simply type codes / letters

Valider - Submit

Wait for your confirmation email to activate your account.

Im currently using 4 bars but if you prefer only one I suggest you use ECBARRE-it has a lot of ways to earn points, you can reach payout with or without referrals.Sign in and see for yourself-earn more everytime youre online

Each site have additional was to earn extra points and some cash as well. ECbarre
gives you an electronic raffle ticket everytime you reach 250 points where you can win 10points upto 50,000 points or 1 Euro - 2 Euro max.

***Like all PTCs we need referral to reach payout faster *_*